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Organic, vegan & more

Farming and agricultural practices have certainly evolved in recent times so we now have many more choices around what we eat and drink, and this extends to wine. Below is a quick snapshot on some of the different winemaking practices available, including links to those wines that we stock.



Organic wine is simply wine that is made from grapes that have been grown using principles of organic farming, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. We’ve  come across a number of wineries that are technically organic however choose not to be certified for a number of reasons. 


Being considered as somewhat similar to organic wines, biodynamic wines are also free from pesticides and herbicides however take a more holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming. So when it comes to wine, the land and vines are considered as being ‘one’, (a connected source), so everything is tuned and connected to the earth and its cyclical patterns.


Although you wouldn’t think it, winemakers traditionally employ a range of animal-related products to thin or clarify their wine. Vegan wine is simply wine that has been produced without using any animal or fish products, including dairy and eggs.


Sustainable farming refers to the way a vineyard chooses to manage its operations as opposed to how the grapes are grown. In other words, sustainable wines come from wineries that are conscious of things like energy use and chemical treatments and try to minimise their use.