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Wine tasting etiquette

After attending a sold out wine tasting event the weekend just gone (which was awesome), it inspired me to write this blog to see if anyone else out there has had similar experiences. 

I’ve been to heaps of wine events, both here in Australia and overseas and no matter how worlds apart the wine varieties or the cultures are, there’s always one thing in common, a lack of wine tasting etiquette.

I’m one of those people that gets my little taste and moves along to sample the gifted grapes, quite often finding that at the next stop I’m having to shove my arm through any gap in the crowd to get a small tasting of the wine on offer. Sometimes I wonder what the winemakers pouring the wines think of the faceless arms reaching through the gaps vowing for a taste of their range.

I totally get that us wine lovers want to find out more about where the grapes come from and how the wine was produced and hey that’s totally cool and I don’t want to in any way distract from that. I also understand that some people prefer to taste the wines and move on while they create a shortlist in their minds about which wines they want to stock up on. That’s also cool, at the end of the day we’re not here to judge, we have one life and you gotta do what works for you and what makes you happy.

Regardless of what type of taster you are, it’s entirely possible to show some wine tasting etiquette. Grab your drop and move to the side to continue the conversations and allow other tasters to sample the wines. 

Now that’s etiquette.