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To be honest, I usually devour all the cheese in front of me before having time to think about what to wash it down with, but when I do remember to take a sip in between mouth-full(s), I’m usually very content.

Cheese is one of those things that has endless options so it also comes down to when you’re eating it (e.g. after a meal; as a snack or pre-dinner). For your soft cheeses such as Camembert or Brie, a crisp ChardonnayPinot Grigio or even a good old glass of bubbles would wash down well. If you're going for a bitey cheddar cheese then try a Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz. For those blue cheese lovers out there (me being one of them), we can't speak more highly of pairing it with a sticky sweet wine such as this one. 

The confusion comes when you have a cheeseboard on the way with all these different types of cheeses and/or a quince paste with a touch of sweetness and you want to drink something that will suit all the things on the board... which is why I refer back to our comment as to when you are enjoying your cheeses. If I go a cheese platter after a nice meal, I’ll generally steer towards a nice sticky or fortified wine to accompany my selection... if I’m having cheese before a meal or just because (which happens quite often), I’ll stick to some bubblesa crisp white or perhaps a lovely Mornington Pinot Noir or a blend depending on where my mood takes me.