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Veggies, Salads & Vegans

Who doesn’t love a good healthy dose of veggies? I sure do! With veggies, really it comes down to what they come with.. are you having a yummy serve of Asian greens finished with Oyster sauce and garlic? If so, then try something like a dry Riesling or Pinot Noir. If you’re digging into a vegetable lasagne, a dry lighter style red wine such as a Grenache could be the go.

Some people say not to make friends with salads, but we say bring it on. I love a good salad and lately, I’ve been really into the thai/Vietnamese inspired salads out there, again beautiful with a crisp Riesling or Rose'. Salads being a lighter dish generally match a lighter-style wine such as an earthy Pinot Noir or Grenache

We also love the fact that wine viticulture has come such a long way and is now supporting the vegan way of life. We have some great options to match a vegan meal with some delicious vegan wines free from any animal traces.